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Public Policies Analysis, Formulation and Evaluation
  • Evaluation studies for plans and programs.

  • Design of evaluation methodologies.

  • Feasibility and pre-feasibility studies.

  • Design and evaluating of public policies and programs.

  • Formulation and analysis of sectorial policies.

  • Design of the strategical architecture, programmatic and operative for the implementation of development polices.

Health Sector Analysis, Planning and System
  • Analysis of policies and Health systems and social security reforms.

  • Design and evaluation of plans and health programs.

  • Design and implementation of strategies for the reordering of service networks.

  • Planning and analysis of service production.

  • Recuperation programs and cost optimization.

  • Implementation of quality assurance systems and service auditing.

Monitoring and Evaluation Platforms
  • Formulation of plans and monitoring and evaluation strategies.

  • Design and implementation of monitoring and evaluation systems.

  • Construction and implementation of balance scorecards for programs and projects.

  • Technical assistance in the implementation of monitoring and evaluation systems.

  • Operative and process assessments.

  • Development of methodologies and tools for operational assessments.

  • Systematization exercises.

  • Base line studies.

  • Impact and results evaluations.

Institutional Strengthening
  • Design of strategies for the institutional strengthening.

  • Accompaniment in the implementation of strategies for institutional strengthening.

  • Follow up and evaluation of strategies for institutional strengthening.

Feasibility and Market Studies
  • Feasibility studies for public and private organization.

  • Basic feasibility studies.

  • Analysis and market studies.

  • Design and implementation of tools for comprehensive risk management.

  • Measurement and analysis of quality management of services.

Technical Assistance and Training in Project
  • Methodologies for the mapping or identification of needs. 

  • Formulation of objectives and the scope of projects.

  • Accompaniment and tutoring in the start up and/or the execution of projects.

  • Design and implementation of tools for the planning of resources.

  • Internal and external communication strategies.

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